Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vinyl Wednesday! - here comes the bride

I had the pleasure of making a fun wedding sign last week for a gal! She wanted it heart shaped with a ribbon so that a little boy could walk down the isle carrying it.

My hubby wasn't to keen on the idea of cutting a heart shaped sign, so I found these heart shaped wood pieces on etsy!

I painted it with 3 coats of white craft paint and made sure to let it dry over night to make sure it was completely dry! I then had my hubby drill two holes in it, I tried to make them somewhat even by measuring the distance from the middle on each side. 

After the holes were drilled I sanded the edges and lightly sanded the front and back so that it was smooth over the whole thing as well as to smooth the area where the holes were drilled.

I love the sanded edge effect!!! Anyways? After doing that I grabbed some ribbon and used a little pick thing to help press it through the holes and tied some knots on the ends to help hold the ribbon in place. I double knotted it twice in hopes it wouldn't slip or come undone.

Then I applied the vinyl! It took 3 tries to get the desired spacing right, but I was super happy with the outcome!!! Totally worth the time!!! Voila! A cute wedding sign!!!
(look forward to more vinyl goodies next Wednesday)

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