Monday, July 6, 2015

Baby Shower Candy Guessing Game!

I've thrown several baby showers, and at each one I've hosted I absolutely LOVE this game. Why is this game so awesome you ask? Well for starters, everyone gets to earn candy bars from it! Plus, it's pretty funny figuring out which candy bar goes with which phrase! I had a gal ask for a copy of it recently, so I figured I'd go ahead and post it here in case anyone else would love to have fun with it in the future. 

Just right click on the image and save to your computer, then you can print as many as you want.  It's great too because it prints 4 to a page so it shouldn't use up that much ink! I found all of these candy bars except the zero bar at Walgreens. I found the zero bar at Quik Mart! That's right, you have to buy all of these candies to hand out as prizes for the game.

I normally hand one out to everyone and give them 5-10 minutes to fill it out (up to 10 since it's a baby shower and we all love chatting and catching up with each other even while filling out a game). Then you can go around and have each person answer one, or you could just have people call out answers. Since there are so many, everyone is normally pretty nice about making sure everyone wins a candy! Once someone calls out the answer, they get the candy they just answered. So if the word was 'twins' and someone calls out 'mike and ikes' then they get the 'mike and ikes'. Get it? Hope so! The answers are listed below in case your not sure about some of them :)

Twins - s - mike & Ike
Triplets - o - 3 musketeer
Conception - p - skor
Breastfeeding - e - Milky Way
Picking a name - g - watchamacallit
Boy - f - almond joy (boys have nuts, this normally causes some giggles)
Girl - i - mounds (same candy as almond joy, just without the nuts, yes, everyone normally laughs at this one)
Epidural - d - lifesavers
Hospital bill - c - 100 grand
Contractions - n - whoppers
Baby poop - j - rolos
Baby giggles - u - snickers
Umbilical cord - a - twizzlers
Pregnant belly - h - chunky bar
Parents - k - nerds
Preemies - b - runts
Delivery doctor - t - butterfingers
Nurses - r - sweetarts
Grandparents - l - smarties
Sleep - q - zero
Nap time - m - take 5

Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy! -Cassie

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