Monday, September 16, 2013

Recipe Monday: Canning Peaches

I spent a good chunk of the weekend canning! I helped a friend transform a whole box of peaches into a ridiculous amount of yummy jam (she'd never canned peach jam before). Then my mom and I did 1 1/2 boxes of peaches, we did 19 pints if jam, 17 pints of peaches and then froze the rest for smoothies, YUM!

I will say that the recipe I used last year was amazing! But alas, I couldn't find the delectably delicious recipe...pretty tragic, I know! Anyways, on to the recipe part, I'm being lazy so click HERE to get the super simple recipe for how to can peaches, for the jam just grab a box of pectin and use the recipe listed, super easy! I will add a little disclaimer, a few years back my sister and I canned peaches and we used the blanching method and our peaches looked awful jarred, not a pretty yellow, they just didn't look right, or taste that great. So we forgo the blanching and just peel our peaches by hand before canning now! Oh and I use the light syrup recipe when canning. Don't the peaches look so pretty (just let me think they look pretty, I spent way too many hours canning and cutting all those peaches)! Woot, excited that they're done!!! Hope everyone else had a productive weekend!!!

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